Domain Names mean everything 

Without a good domain name it may take years to get noticed. If possible purchase an older situated and established Domain Name for your Website.

Take it from someone who luckily got involved with Domain Names in the early 1990’s. I wish I would have registered more. Over the years up until today I have made money using names that fit buyers searches, you can too.

A Dot Com (.com) domain is a superior address for Website searches. Unfortunately most common easy to search names have already been registered. Domains that have been posted online for 5+ years have seasoned, 10+ years is even better.

As a semi retired individual I have multiple Domain Names that has scored millions of hits. Some have been posted online since 1992. Ask yourself is it better to purchase an established search engine friendly Domain or create and spend years to propagate it? That’s a No Brainer, with any of the domains listed below you can succeed immediately in driving traffic to your website.

Below are special privately owned Domains, not cheap but very effective and worthwhile.

Just listed: Proven Preferred Domains for sale:


If interested call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing, group order discounts will be considered. Good Luck, Make Money